A Journey Through the Universe of Women’s Health

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Did you miss our on-line radio show last week?

I spoke with Saralyn Mark, MD about the promise and future of women’s health in this country. Saralyn knows a thing or two about how Washington DC works, and was the first medical advisor to the Office of Women’s Health in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She is also knowledgeable about hormones – the kind we women care about – and is an endocrinologist and geriatrician as well as women’s health specialist. She just launched a book called “Stellar Medicine: A Journey Through the Universe of Women’s Health and will be addressing women’s health leaders at the 3rd Annual Leadership Summit on the Business of Women’s Health in Boston. Following her talk, we may host a book reading so stay tuned here.

Some of the touchpoints in our on-line conversation included:

1. Future of Women’s Health: Gender and Sex-based biology. Science nears a greater understanding of how women differ from men and applying those sex-based differences in the area of personalized medicine and identification of markers. This will help improve the treatments of certain reproductive cancers, heart disease and immune disorders (lupus, MS) which primarily affect women.

2. Misogyny undermines advancement of human rights, women’s rights and health. The current conversations (Limbaugh and company included) that have excluded women and denigrated women’s rights impact all of us…men included. Women’s health is the current hot topic because it’s an election year and it’s a conversation that ignites the G.O.P. base including women who are centrists or conservatives. Nothing like a war (against women) to mobilize the troops.

3. Her book is part memoir/part guidebook on controversial health issues. Dr. Mark explores the political and social environment which shapes these issues while weaving in her unique adventures on all the continents and with the space program to illustrate her points.

She writes about menopause, alternative therapies, sex and gender based medicine, spirituality and healing, veterans health, pandemics and public fears, medical myths, reproductive health, the health benefits of sex, chocolate, wine and shopping and more. This educational and entertaining book has generated lively discussions during all of Dr. Mark’s book reading events and media appearances including NPR, ABC News and Good Morning America Health.

Her candor and humor inspire her audiences to use the book as a guide to achieve health and wellness even during times of stress. Interested in hearing Saralyn speak or read from her book? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Policy at the University of New Mexico loved her reading on “Stardust Connection”.


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  1. Nice to know about Dr. Mark’s new book. Gender Medicine is an important field of study. There are many issues that we share as men and women, and there are many issues that are different between the sexes.
    I work and write in the area of Gender Medicine for men. I’ve written 10 books, including Surviving Male Menopause, The Irritable Male Syndrome, Male vs. Female Depression, and MenAlive: Stop Killer Stress with Simple Energy Healing Tools (which will be published in June, 2012).

    It sounds like we have a lot to share with each other.

    • Hi Jed,
      Thanks for getting in touch. yes, the world of gender-based medicine does fascinate me. So often, we do focus on women because much clinical research has not included women. That has clearly changed over the last few years and I’m excited you contacted me.

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